Being Single

Time and time again I keep getting reminded that you simply cannot put your trust in man. You will most definitely get disappointed.

It’s one of the trickiest positions in life, that God made us complete, to fulfill a purpose and to seek after the knowledge of Him as an individual, yet ‘it is not good for man to be alone’. That, added to the warning that ‘cursed is he who puts his trust in man’ makes the bible almost self-contradicting.

Also, consider that the devil works his mayhem into our lives through fellow mankind, and almost never really appears as himself. I am also imperfect, in need of a Savior, such that my judgments about actions and about the people that come into my life are quite frequently flawed. Combine all the above and I have me a dilemma.

I thank God that the Bible talks about the Holy Spirit. His work is to guide us to all wisdom and to comfort us. I guess I am just saying that I am shaken at the realization of how vulnerable I am. I thank God for His grace.

Simply put, Paul says you have a much easier time when you are single, but then the same bible says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and favor before the Lord. For an individual who just wants to make the best decisions regarding the rest of their life, such mullings present quite the crossroad.


2 thoughts on “Being Single

  1. I suppose if a brother can’t get his head around the ‘love your wife, in the way christ loves the church’ then they are not husband material. Pretty steep demand if you ask me, but probably for the best

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