A Coal Of Fire

I have been feeling a type of way lately. I have been experiencing a bump in my journey. A block of sorts. A dry spell, if you like.

I liken inspiration to coal, or charcoal. Ever taken a keen look at a fire in a jiko? It burns even perpetually, it’s fervor sustained or increased by continued input of fresh charcoal. We make food, boil bathing water, or heat rooms by its sustenance. Iron and pottery are some of its products, which provide for industries like construction and weaponry. The fire is unstoppable, as long as the charcoal pieces stay together. They ignite each another to their very end.

But what happens when a piece is separated from the pile? The fervency quickly dissipates into mellow inefficiency. It’s edges gradually break into fallen grey ash. There is not much productivity we can expect from it. Same thing happens to mankind. Removed from social structures we draw sustenance from, we become limp and redundant.

It has been months since I sat in a literary class, until very recently. They can be tedious, but my mind had learnt to feed off their lessons. As much as true marks of learning include developing the ability to sustain oneself and to produce great works, I must confess, despite an initial marked oomph, that I have suffered stagnation during the prolonged hiatus. I had just about pulled out my hair from my scalp in search of meaning, inspiration and relevance. I know I should try to read more, but that particular discipline is still in the making.

Besides that, my normal schedule has been disrupted by several unforeseen factors from other spheres of my life. I have been trying to keep my feet on the ground but should clearly try harder – a balance I must work on.

Well, a fresh semester is on again. I have enrolled into new literature classes. There are a few undesired changes in the faculty, but I choose to be optimistic. I have been advised severally to write daily. I am not sure how that can happen, but I have been blessed with a new gadget that is supposed help me write more regularly. Whether or not it will all end up on this blog is also yet to be decided.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

Image from http://www.bonappetit.com


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