The Call

The Call

They call you great and mimic your gait
They say you are talented and chant your name
Your face is etched on miniatures and posters
Photos wedged into teenagers’ mirror corners
They want to be you, want to date you
They dream of marrying you, or someone just like you
It’s getting hard to keep your feet up on solid ground
When you’re stuffed with what makes the world go round

You forget what got you here in the first place
All you know is the next show’s venue and date
But soon enough it will cost you so much more
Than it would have if you had chosen the long road
You’re the dawn of this age, your name plastered on every page
Of magazines and dailies, you’re broadcast on the daily
But your Mercedes and chromes and tens of inch rims
Don’t make who you are
Don’t forget who you are

For you were born of a people to be a solution
There is a purpose to your date of birth and a reason you roam the earth
By the wave of your pen the hungry can be fed
Wars can be restrained, diseases curbed and expelled
Don’t let the thrill that comes with signing dotted lines
Blind you from reading the signs of the times
The power you have makes nations bow and grovel
So set records straight on roads young ones can travel

What you wear and how you care
Defines beauty and what is fair
They say so much about those you represent
But do you have a message for the fans you entertain?
Do you celebrate the makings of your own kind?
Or do you add to the distortion in their minds?
Are you seeking to pave a better way?
Or just looking to grow your fame?

African Celebrity, open your eyes
There is so much at stake and such little time
In your hands are the chords that can bind us in love
Break from the spell cast by diamond studded guns
Your name could be the mantra for liberation
Your voice a muse for great innovation
But you exchange legacy for lofty guarded steeples
Built by machines used against your own people

Don’t you realize the venom and treachery?
They’ve convinced you to seek your own prosperity
You gullibly fail to acknowledge the complexity
That comes with belonging to a community
No man is an island and no one ever wants to be
The joy of success is to be shared among two or three
The contracts you sign stick you in morbid isolation
Deceiving you to count as friends those who feed on you in celebration

But who are going to call when chips fall?
And do you dance when you view the plight of your own?
Knowing that you had the power all along
Yet traded it for tall cold concrete walls
And soon you too will leave it all
You will go to answer to those who left long before
While here on earth in the debris and scum
Your name will be quickly fading on wind shifted sands


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