Against Odds

She drummed her fingers on her desk. This was going to be amusing. She knew that it was going to be challenge, but none that she had not overcome.  She gazed at the students and wondered what they were thinking, musing at how they fiddled with their pens while staring at the pages of their exercise books blankly. They will have to hack it.

Mary’s eyes wondered off to the scenery outside the window. It was just a few years ago when when she was scrambling for school fees, dealing with unyielding relatives and reluctant sponsors. She remembered how she would hung around her friends’ hostels with the strategies of a hungry mouse, hoping she would get a taste of their dinner. Life was a bite at nails! Being raised as an orphan in Kibera, it could not be anything else. For all the obstacles she had to face, she was grateful that she was now an accomplished laureate.

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