Waging War

This note’s original date is 17/01/2014, 17:26

There are times especially in our earlier years we find ourselves with a million and one dreams. We build, plan and aspire out of our own strength. We feel invincible. We strive and work hard at them with the hope that they will bear fruits. Then there comes a time when it hits us that we have to submit that dream x, y and z were not of God and were not to be, so we have to drop them; or that God has a better plan for us. So some we drop without a second thought and others just vanish from our interests. But then there are some that letting go is a heart-wrenching process.

You feel like your physical nerves are being wripped out of your chest with them. Continued denial becomes impossible. It takes second, third and fourth checks to ensure that they need to go and sadly you find out that THEY REALLY DO, URGENTLY! Otherwise they will come back to haunt you, bite you in the rear and decapitate you for good, even taking your very life. Then you would never really arrive at what God intended for you. Your very existance could be turned to naught.

Remember, a king makes decisions by the counsel of his wisemen (Proverbs 24:1-6). Careful who sits in your board of directors, and ensure that the genesis of your journey begins with you continuously consulting with the Manufacturer and reading the policy manual YOURSELF! That’s what I have to meditate on this morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is grown up stuff!



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