To Be Or Not To Be

When I started Nawiri Daily I wanted it to be a place where I can be utterly open within the safety of anonymity. Never mind how people can still use internet tools to locate my computer ID. I figure by the time an overly curious one goes that route they have too much time in their hands – the sorry lot – and there would not be much profit for them by that endeavor anyway, so how about I let them bog the themselves down by the sheer exasperation of that utterly vain feat. Besides they are not the calibre of people I am mainly concerned about. So anonymity worked out fine until I realized that I may have to reveal who I am in the future, which seemed to be quite a good plan. It got me a bit excited. I even went ahead to sift through posts that I would not want pegged to who I am and eliminated them. It made a lot of sense, especially at the prospect of building my career as a writer. And so it has been for a month – a blog by an anonymous writer tactfully tailored to unveil identity at some point in the future. But here I am again.

I want to talk about my issues openly for my sake and for the sake of the growing number of readers, yet I am hindered by the fear of vulnerability that will come about when I expose who I am. What do I do?

There was a time I was involved in a project that had me talking about what most considered extremely private. Yes, the exposure was a lot but what shook me most was the consequential pain and sense of betrayal that my family members bared as they later explained to me. I felt their ordeal. They had and have been very supportive of me over the years contrary to what had been denoted, and definitely had not chosen to be on the limelight. So I more or less had to vow to never put them in such a position again. So what am I supposed to do now?

They say a writer writes best from the position of personal experience. How do you do that while not risking over-exposure? Is it do-able? What is the cost and when is it okay to pay it?

A fellow blogger who happens to be a schoolmate has been writing for approximately two years now and does not seem to understand the cause of my worry. What I end up thinking is he quite does not know my story. Good for him that he can strut along baring it all. Lucky chap!

I do not know. Maybe remaining anonymous is best after all. That way I can have a heart to heart with my readers unshakably. It of course excludes me from the advantage of the ease of publicizing my blog by word of my own mouth, or by any other usual or convenient personal means of building readership. I guess you cannot have it all.

What would you choose?



2 thoughts on “To Be Or Not To Be

  1. I remember reading this almost the same day you blogged it…

    Truth is… You write so you can share your experiences with your readers. Do it to the detail so we can relate to your circumstance.

    Help out that young lad voice out their fears, concerns, battles or victories etc.

    This way it is considered heart to heart and therapeutical.


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