Taking The U Turn

I love ‘love’.

I love being in love.

I love the emotional rush that comes along with it.

I love the colourful flowers that are magically painted in the sky.

I love the impossible joy.

Yet I love the now, where I speculate to be heading: the simplicity of singleness; the light-weightiness.

The mistakes that I have made in my life make me feel less deserving of a brighter happier future that I had first anticipated. What compels me to move on is the Grace of God, nothing but.

What I keep telling myself is that yes, I am human. God created me, blessed me and called me knowing that I will make these mistakes. He did. There is nothing that I have done or could do that would surprise Him. He knew I would make these mistakes. Yet He still made me, called me and blessed me. A bit flabbergasting, don’t you think? Why would He do that? What is the point? Was not the whole reason for salvation for cleaning me up and making me new? Am I now not supposed to be walking Scripture, the only Bible that some will ever read? Is not what I did against Christian PR? Does it not work against what God is or has been working in me? Does it not prove that not much has been done in that sense?

This is the response that comes to my head:

You will work it out, Lord. You will work it out. I did not call myself, Lord. You did. So You will work it out.

I know the Bible says to work out my Salvation in fear and trembling, so I plan to link myself to a Christian mentor. I will ask God to help me figure out exactly who.

I will ask God to help me find the Church I should tie myself to. Whether the school chapel or another away from campus.

I will ask God to help me read the Bible and pray every day. I will pray that it be a new revelation every single time I read it.

I will ask God to connect me to friends who will be of good influence; who will keep me in check in terms of my character and who will pray for me so that I can be delivered from strongholds and pitfalls that seem to occur in my life repeatedly. And also pray for my schooling.

I pray for deliverance from bounds and ties that recur and throw me back away from prizes that I work hard for, yearn for, sight, and yet seem to be just but an inch away from.

I pray for better discipline in my studies. I pray for the ability and zeal to read more. I pray that I be able to read extensively in and out of school work. I pray that I grow and expand in knowledge and wisdom.

I pray that I be able to fast and pray regularly and effectively, and that I be able to see good fruit and give thanks for answered prayers.

I pray that I be able to affect my friends and others in a godly way.

I also pray that I might be able to work while studying so that I lift some of the financial burden that my family is bearing for me, and so that I can build my career.

I pray for better days especially in relationships and dating, that God help me break away from dead and/or ungodly/sinful unions successfully and for opportunities to embark on only those that He approve of.

I pray for good health and growth in my body, mind, spirit and soul.

I pray for the same for my entire kinship.

I will read, fast, pray, meditate, serve, fellowship, and then I will rest in God’s hands.

Lastly, I pray for ‘Nawiri Daily’, that it grows to a formidable blog that inspires and transforms lives for the better. I am cognizant of how humble it has begun. I do not take that for granted. I thank God for the opportunity to share by a means that I enjoy. It is awesome and has been a long time coming.

I pray for blessings and better days for you too!

Sometimes it is hard for me to capture a moment of transition, where I am on my way from point A to B. I hope this post suffices.




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