My First Post

I am writing this on a cloudy morning.

I am torn between being candid and holding my ‘tongue’.

I long to be able to write every day. This isn’t easy for me but I think it is necessary for me to get to where I want to be.

I am an English major. One of the requirements of my course is to have an active blog. Besides that I have always intended to own one. I opened a few but never really got to put much content. I always got to a place of indecisiveness on whether to speak of things as they are or to try and be a source of optimism. That did not allow me to be myself or to write much. I’ve had challenging times. So it wasn’t easy speaking about my life in a manner that was honest enough while covering up vulnerability. Identity bears vulnerability for both the writer and the associated, especially where the writer speaks of self.

So then I am grateful I can open an incognito blog and get to write whatever comes to mind without fear of direct judgment or persecution. For one who has always kept distance from the mathematical and calculative studies like me I can finally say, “Thank God for Science!”
As God is willing you will hear more from me.

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