Clearly I Need Glasses

When I was a young girl in primary school, decades ago, wearing spectacles became a trend at some point. For some reason girls in my class were all about getting a second pair of eyes up their nose bridges. I have no clue which fashion icon sold us out to the concept but it was a hit, and for some reason, it was seemingly so just among my year-mates. Again, don’t ask me why.

So I did a really nasty thing of which, maybe one day when I am self-dependent, I will get the guts to confess to my dad. I had to get me a pair. So, I feigned an eye-illness and got me one. (SMH) I know, not the behavior of a model citizen. I probably can’t run for public office in a first world country now, if I ever could. Believe me or not I am so repentant of this mischief I just haven’t figured out a way to tell my dad yet. But I want to.

Needless to say I got an ugly pair of frames I could barely wear. I have no idea where they ended up. First, I got plastic dorky ones before dorky was a thing, then shortly after made a fuss and managed to convince my dad to buy me a metallic pair. The nerve! My mother was a staunch Catholic. Naturally, she made prayer an accessible concept to us. We used to pray with her – all four of us kids, around her bed, knees to the floor, every night before saying goodnight – sometimes with the rosary, sometimes with a candle, and sometimes with both. She illustrated effectively how you can take your needs to God in my prayer. So following suit, I prayed to God for an eye-illness because eye-glasses were just so cool…! (Roll that eye!) Back then – unless that particular doctor was helplessly back-dated – the only eye-test available was manual. So clever little me, with some creativity, managed to convince most that my eyes needed extra lenses. Either that, or the doctor figured me out but wanted in for his own gain. The nerve of us both! How does a kid feign eye-illness anyway? Is that possible? That sort of scares me, come to think of it. What else can a child feign for the love of a treatment? Yikes!

So now, years later, I am straining to see what’s on my computer screen, and I believe my renewed television viewership after a five month restraint has added to the challenge. Thank God I am covered by the university health insurance so my worry now is just what sort of frames I should pick out. I obsessed about it so much I Googled the optician’s store, which is currently not within my access, seeing as I am too broke to pay for a bus ticket or any kind of fare to town.

For your information, dorky glasses are now a thing. A friend of mine loves the look so much she got herself a pair just for cosmetics … okay…! And they let her! I don’t think the look is for me though. I’m hoping for a more big-lens-frameless look. We’ll see. (Pun intended.)

I do regret that my eyesight has deteriorated. Regardless, sadistic or not, one could argue that you do get what you wish for after all.



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