On A Lecrae High

Yes, I know. This blog is supposed to be that of anonymity and the topic here sells me out because I am such a fan, yet I do not care. That is how good I find Lecrae’s ‘Anomaly’ album – audaciously mind-blowing! Allow a girl to pull her wig together.

The Anomaly album’s release date was on 9th September this year (as if someone hinted my birthday) under the ‘Reach Records’ label. Aptly named, it points out misadvise, social misnomers and real life confessions, packing a punch for reality. The cherry on top is that it will test your speakers with sounds of hip-hop that will not allow you to stay still. This guy Lecrae has me on the roof, super-inspired, up-lifted, educated, validated, entertained, head-bumped, dancing and jumping. Talk of radicalized for the truth! He is on my player and prayer list. He should live long and healthy, continuing to make songs that save the lost and make hearts merry. His music is visibly culture-changing and norm-redefining.

One outstanding thing about Lecrae is his knack to speak out sensibility in stride and valor while leaving his fingerprint originality on every line. In the Anomaly album, he calls out the gaffes and duplicities of the United States on issues of war, affirmative action and foreign policy. He also talks about the vanity and shallowness of today’s most popular music artists, just but calling them by name, and lauds self-identity by challenging all to snap out of a mind-controlled culture. In it all he does not forget ‘the girl’, his wife, in the song ‘All I Need Is You’, whose video mimics how he strives to balance time for both work and her. In the video, he does such a good job rushing and cutting back that in the end, he arrives home sweating and panting, desperately clinging to a ruffled bouquet of flowers he had bought for her, only to realize he was too early for date night. (Sigh!) What every girl needs: a warrior with a tender heart.

So yes, the brother is setting standards in my life. Yes. Brothers should know putting their feet on solid ground by way of leading a responsible life, plus a whole lot of conviction, is very (need I add ‘very’) attractive. Also, gym may hurt for a while but joy lies in the horizons.

I know I have a lot more to say. Permission to stop right here? In the famous words of the character Timon of Lion King, I need to ‘lie down before I hurt (myself)’.


For more on Lecrae please visit http://www.lecrae.com/; http://reachrecords.com/artists/show/lecrae; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lecrae



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