After The Party

That was an awesome party. I danced till it was time for me to leave. I never got to buy that dress though. Social media and I will just have to make do. I have been having a hard time settling down for a good write. It was an awesome weekend and I’m thinking despite being caught up I should not let another night pass without an update.

So I got an opportunity to assist in an up-coming play. I will be behind the scenes but I am still excited. I will be part of the team. I will get to see an entire (beautiful) production come to be. My tasks are due Wednesday, two days from now. Despite the fact that I have had trouble managing administrative duties in the past (as I frankly shared with the play director who also happens to be the scriptwriter) I hope I hit a home run this one. He also happens to be a student and a friend, and has already given me warning that when he wears his professional hat it is strictly business. Well … let’s do this!

I had severe tummy discomfort last night, well into the morning till almost noon. I was glad I did not have class till late afternoon, of which on my arrival, I found it had been cancelled. Disappointing but somehow that paved way to meeting with the play director. All things work for good after all. I hope I sleep better tonight.

Happy Days, everyone!



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