Of Mittens And Milestones

It is quite a chilly morning. I have my heavy sweater, tracks and socks on. I am however missing my wooly hat. And I am thinking of getting mittens, and extra pairs of woolen socks and stockings.

I woke up to the news of the death of an aged female celebrity. A fashion critic. She had spirit and a double-edged tongue that could slit the ego of Zeus. Her wit and humor were incomparable. She barely laughed at herself. Such people amaze me. I can barely begin telling a joke without cracking a smile. Hard as I try. Well, sometimes.

Did I say it’s a chilly morning? Quite cloudy and dark too. I can still feel the cold through my socks; irritated throat, yatayata. But thank God for electricity, warm beddings, movies and the remote. Goodness, I am still waking up.

So the party boys were at it again last night and the fact that a blackout topped it up meant I could not mire the crazy yelling with any of my gadgets. The folly of depending on psychological crutches. I will have to train my brain on that one. But I am grateful that power is back! Down side, my neighbor seems to have spruced his stereo with either a new playlist or extra sound, and I am groggy as ever. Can a girl win?

The day is young as is the weekend. I am optimistic.

A friend of mine organized for her birthday dinner-hangout night in town to take place tomorrow. I am still contemplating on whether I should attend. I did respond to the invitation with my willingness to make it, my unexpressed excuse for the lack of confirmation being that I wasn’t sure when I would get my allowance. Up until yesterday I was broke – to bits. Now that I can pay my own way I am again not sure whether a night hung-out in town is my kind of scene. Plus, I would need a dress. I happen to have a few since lately. I have been a pants and jeans girl most of my adult life, but the one or two appropriate ones for the occasion have already been captured on some social media or other. I would prefer being able to quickly tell days apart just by looking at the wardrobe in any of my photos, especially because I have not been much of a selfie/snap girl – maybe until recently. Yet another transformation in progress. Then again some of us have come to some sort of revelation. What are the makings of life if not to celebrate milestones with loved ones? And with that, what better milestone to celebrate than a birthday?

Now our belated celebrity knew how to celebrate a milestone. It is said that she wanted her funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with craft services, and paparazzi and publicists making a scene. It is also said that she wanted to look more gorgeous dead than alive, be serenaded by Bobby Vinton, buried in a Valentino gown and have a wind machine so that even in the casket her hair is blowing just like Beyoncé’s. Now that’s a celebration – and a tall order at that. 

It is still cold, and might rain like yesterday. Depending on how it goes I might have to stop by my favorite secondhand clothing market tomorrow, and hope that a dress is found, cleaned and dried before night. I think that can fall right within my modest budget. For now it is socks, sweaters, tracks and other layers, plus a stack a movies I managed to borrow from a friend. I don’t even know how I’m going to upload this text to my blog since I do it all the way in school – an approximate 15 minute walk away. Don’t forget, upward sloping. The internet connection is better there than in my room, and already paid for. But in this cold? Sigh. I guess I will have to figure that out … by and by.

R.I.P Joan Rivers.

As God is willing, you shall hear from me again.

Image from nyppagesix.files.wordpress.com



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